TorGuard Review

- Introduction to TorGuard has created a reputation for itself while it is still very young in the industry. It offers excellent gaming, streaming and torrenting speeds, unblocks sites like as Hulu and Netflix, prevents malware and advertising and secures your information. However, because the service is still new, the work has been carried out and additional improvements are necessary, for example, its Windows client availability that is currently in the beta testing stage.Check our newest TorGuard review to help you make better choices!

This TorGuard review summarizes the characteristics, advantages, disadvantages and ratings of TorGuard, and is released by professional people to help you choose the best VPN for you.

- Score:7.8/10


1.      Privacy & Logging Policy: 7.6/10

2.       Encryption & Security: 7.7/10

3.       Speed & Reliability: 8.5/10

4.       Streaming & Torrenting: 8.6/10

5.       Bypassing Censorship: 6.6/10

6.       Ease of Use: 9.8/10

7.       Customer Support: 6.9/10

8.       Price & Value for Money: 7.0/10


- TorGuard Pros & Cons 


  • Strong security features

  • IPv6 leak prevention

  • WireGuard tunneling protocol

  • Lots of DNS options

  • Possibility to run scripts

  • Good for torrenting

  • Stealth proxy

  • Free trial version

  • Good speeds




  • Android-only split tunneling

  • Prone to freezes

  • Might struggle to connect

  • Unintuitive user interface

  • Doesn’t unblock Netflix

-More Information about TorGuard :

  • Is TorGuard's VPN speed fast?

    There are no restrictions on bandwidth and speed, and TorGuard is not restrained. All servers have a port speed of 1Gbps or 10Gbps, so the DL rate can vary from 5MB to 100MB, depending on your connection speed. There are many variables that will play a role when debugging speed issues. If your speed is slow, Please submit a ticket. The help desk, he can usually help solve any speed problems you encounter.
  • Does TorGuard offer price option?

    TorVPN service provides you with a secure encrypted tunnel to protect your online traffic. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the service within the first 7 days, he will give a 100% refund. Monthly is $9.99, quarterly is $19.99, semi-annual is $29.99, annual is $59.99, every two years is $99.99, and every three years is $139.99. Purchase TorGuard VPN for online privacy and security.
  • Does TorGuard support use on multiple systems?

    The software is easy to install on any operating system, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. He also fully supports VPN routers such as DDWRT, Tomato and pfsense firewalls. Employees are relentlessly committed to security and customer rights to protect their online information and activities. TorGuard's anonymous VPN encryption has unlimited bandwidth and upload/download speeds, providing 24-hour customer support for any setup problems or other issues you encounter, and allowing you to relax and enjoy the stress-free Internet.
  • Can TorGuard be trusted?

    No matter which country you are from, encryption is still the best way to achieve online security. Private VPN is the most reliable tool to provide this security encryption. TorGuard provides high-quality privacy services in more than 50 countries/regions around the world. VPN services will help you maintain the confidentiality of your search habits and personal information, protect your IP address so that websites cannot associate it with your browsing habits, and hide your activities on public Wi-Fi hotspots to prevent deceive.