StrongVPN Review

- Introduction to StrongVPN

 StrongVPN is superb in terms of functionality. It's safe, functionality and enables Netflix and pirate movies to be streamed. Our sole hope is to have more servers and not one of the Five Eye countries. 

However, Let's see whether StrongVPN is the right VPN.StrongVPN offers customer assistance 24/7 via live chat and email, as are many of the finest VPNs. 

     StrongVPN offers customer assistance, like does other VPNs, from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM UTC. It's fantastic and unusual to ask someone for help for a VPN.Right now, you may view Netflix and torrent files through StrongVPN. Netflix and VPNs wrestle with one other all the time, Netflix want to keep the contents tied to particular areas and VPNs want you to see Rick and Morty for the 10th time. We are pleased to announce that the Netflix and torrent game are now won by StrongVPN. 

   But it truly depends on your country and server. The servers in UK did not work but other countries did when I tested this for Netflix personally. We advise a different VPN, which offers more servers, if you're searching for a VPN solely for Netflix.

- Score:8.3/10

1.      Privacy & Logging Policy: 8.6/10

2.       Encryption & Security: 8.7/10

3.       Speed & Reliability: 9.8/10

4.       Streaming & Torrenting: 6.6/10

5.       Bypassing Censorship: 8.6/10

6.       Ease of Use: 8.1/10

7.       Customer Support: 7.8/10

8.       Price & Value for Money: 7.1/10


- Strong VPN Pros & Cons


  • No logging

  • Phone customer support

  • Free cloud storage: 250 GB of SugarSync cloud storage

  • The VPN did not too much slow down our PCs

  • Twelve simultaneous devices per subscriptionGood speed test results 


  • Data retention laws

  • Limited split tunneling

  • Mixed customer support reviews

- More Information about StrongVPN:

  • Why choose StrongVPN?

    Resist prying eyes with a strong VPN defense. Save 65% of your StrongVPN subscription for a limited time. Customers can also experience WireGuard, the next-generation VPN protocol that provides industry-leading speed, security and performance. The store is honored to be the first commercial VPN service to provide WireGuard on all the apps and platforms. It is suitable for applications on all platforms, and it has more than 950 servers in more than 30 countries and regions.
  • How does StrongVPN charge?

    Through the annual plan, customers only spend US$2.33 per month in the first year, and customers can save US$52. Through the monthly plan, customers can enjoy US$3.5 per month and save US$6.5. At the same time, if customers choose the annual plan, they can enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee. Through the annual plan, customers can not only save more, but also have a money-back guarantee. After the experience of using StrongVPN, the customer will know how the service is.
  • Which applications is StrongVPN suitable for?

    StrongVPN is committed to providing customers with perfect and excellent services, so it supports many applications. It is suitable for applications on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, etc. Customers can make up to 12 simultaneous connections. It has more than 950 servers in 35 countries and 59 cities. Through the "best available location" function, customers can get a better experience.
  • Will my privacy be leaked if I use StrongVPN?

    The privacy of customers will never be compromised. Through StrongVPN, customers can use the best VPN capabilities to stay private online. During access, the customer does not generate any logging, and it also ensures the security of public WiFi. Through powerful technology, it will resist any prying eyes, to ensure that the customer access is absolutely safe.