Speedify Review

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- Introduction to Speedify VPN

Speedify-Channel Bonding's only VPNSpeedify connects all combinations of internet connections and smarts you for maximum performance online traffic. Further, if you get disengaged in an essential video conference or file transfer in the middle of one of your connections, Speedify will fail gracefully without skipping beat on your other functional website link(s).


Register for any outstanding security package of Bitdefender — Antivirus Plus, Internet Security, Total Security and Mobile Apps — and you will also receive an included VPN. Sounds wonderful, until you know, there will be no opportunity to select the location (the software automatically selects the next server).


The applications now use the Catapult Hydra protocol of Hotspot Shield instead of OpenVPN. You cannot thus configure the service manually for routers or other devices or platforms. But on the other hand, it increases performance considerably (more on that, later.)


Premium VPN targets normal customers in need of something easy, not specialists in detail. However, with P2P functionality available, the service covers the fundamentals and kills switches to safeguard you when the VPN breaks and it should cover you in plain circumstances.

- Score:9.4/10 

1.      Privacy & Logging Policy: 8.6/10

2.       Encryption & Security:9.5/10

3.       Speed & Reliability: 10/10

4.       Streaming & Torrenting: 9.6/10

5.       Bypassing Censorship: 8.6/10

6.       Ease of Use: 9.1/10

7.       Customer Support: 9.8/10

8.       Price & Value for Money: 9.7/10


- Speedify VPN Pros & Cons


  • Free plan comes with 2GB per month

  • Affordable family plan

  • Outstanding speeds

  • Channel bonding may improve performance in some cases



  • Doesn’t unblock many streaming services

  • No manual setup on other platforms

  • Stores some logs

- More Information about Speedify VPN:

  • Why is Speedify a good choice?

    Speedify is connected to a VPN that allows everyone from doctors to students, fitness instructors, riders, and streamers to continue to create, learn, and share. But VPNs can make the Internet better. It's a VPN that makes the online experience faster, more reliable, and more secure. The VPN combines multiple Internet connections to maximize performance. At the same time, it will provide a stable service to customers, who can avoid buffering and disconnection for media, gaming and browsing.
  • Will my privacy be threatened by using Speedify?

    The service provided by Speedify is definitely more reliable and safer. It protects customers' personal data from prying hackers and other cyber criminals. The store uses the latest encryption standards to protect customers' data, and customers' browsing is always secure on public WiFi or any other network. The store does not record, monitor, store or share anything its customers do.
  • How is Speedify charged?

    At Speedify, the three-year plan costs only $2.99 a month, saving customers up to 70 percent and offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. Customers can try out the store's plan before choosing whether to continue using it, so the money back guarantee is a great guarantee for customers' rights and interests. The store believes in the real experience of the customer after use.
  • Which system is Speedify suitable for?

    The VPN of Speedify works on Windows and Apple. Linux, Android and iOS. One account can protect up to five devices, and the store's VPN is available on all major platforms to provide customers with a more comprehensive service. At the same time, the store provides a combination of connection services for customers. Customers can browse, churn, transmit, watch and play at a combination of all Internet connection speeds, providing a reliable connection no matter where they are.