Avira Phantom VPN Review

- Introduction to Avira Phantom VPN

Avira Phantom VPN has been developed by one of the largest antivirus businesses in Europe. It offers high speeds, a functioning kill switch, an encoding of military quality and even a free version. Its disadvantages though include the tiny server fleet, Netflix's inability to unblock, and WireGuard's absence from Windows.


This is another beast to tame to create a competitive VPN service. No antivirus VPN has ever been included in our top lists. We'll put it in our usual test procedure in this Avira Phantom VPN review. This will answer the performance and stacking of the service versus other tools on the market.The OpenVPN TCP and IPsec Tunneling protocols are supported by Avira Phantom VPN. WireGuard is also available, but only on Android. We need a device other than our testing unit, distorting conclusions to test its speeds. The difference in speed might occur from a new network card, thus our speed test ratings do not include them.


- Score:6.5/10

1.     Privacy & Logging Policy: 6.6/10

2.       Encryption & Security:6.6/10

3.       Speed & Reliability: 7.0/10

4.       Streaming & Torrenting:5.6/10

5.       Bypassing Censorship: 7.6/10

6.       Ease of Use: 7.2/10

7.       Customer Support: 6.8/10

8.       Price & Value for Money: 7.7/10


- Avira Phantom VPN Pros & Cons


  • Unlimited devices, even in the free version.

  • Affordable, flexible pricing.

  • Excellent consumer privacy policy.

  • Botnet protection.

  • Allows P2P and BitTorrent

  • Good VPN speeds

  • Working kill switch

  • Military-grade encryption

  • Free version



  • Few servers and server locations.

  • Inelegant desktop client

  • Doesn’t unblock many streaming services

  • Small server fleet

  • Based in Fourteen Eyes country

  • Few features compared to the competition

- More Information about Avira Phantom VPN:

  • Is it absolutely private for me to use a Avira Phantom VPN?

    Avira Phantom VPN is privately designed, and the store will never sell any customer data. Unlike most security providers, the store does not track customers' online activity. The store has a strict five-day policy and complies with the strictest German privacy standards. Unlike most VPN providers, the store does not share customer data with third parties listed in the government's big tech companies or AD networks.
  • What systems can I use to connect the Avira Phantom VPN?

    Avira Phantom VPN protects customers' privacy on all devices, whether laptop, smartphone or tablet. The store's VPN is also available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. If customers want to keep up with their favorite shows while on vacation, or watch foreign movies that are not available in their area, the store can help customers bypass geographic restrictions to access their favorite content.
  • How does Avira Phantom VPN charge?

    Avira Phantom VPN offers free VPNs across platforms, as well as free VPNs for a variety of devices, but if customers want the Pro version, they can opt into the store's monthly plan, which costs just $10 a month, and they can cancel at any time. Even if customers use the store's VPN for free, their privacy is protected.
  • What is the reason for choosing Avira Phantom VPN?

    Surfing online is inherently insecure, especially when connected to public Wi-Fi networks. Use an active VPN such as Avira Phantom VPN connection to browse anonymously to encrypt all data received and sent and protect yourself from hacker attacks. In this way, your password and personal data are safe. When you connect to Wi-Fi in restaurants, cafes, hotels, airports, or any other public networks, encryption is very important.