Avast SecureLine VPN Review

- Introduction to Avast SecureLine VPN

Avast SecureLine delivers VPN security and good speed test results. But the business retains more user data than some competitors due to its lack of features, flexible pricing and privacy approach.

A single service plan is available with anonymous VPN. It provides for that plan three subscription terms. There's no free trial, however if you subscribe to the monthly or annual membership plans you can receive back your money. Within 14 days of subscription, you must merely request to terminate your account.

Behaving the lineage of the premier antivirus firm, Avast SecureLine VPN provides basic VPN protection, decent speeds and a variety of server locations in particular. However, there are other ways to protect the privacy and the price is high. A startling quantity of information is also collected about its consumers by the firm. Avast has the basis of an excellent VPN service, however a course correction is necessary.

Even if Avast does not provide monthly schedules, it does offer cheap single device subscriptions. Every two years or every three years, you may cover one device at any platform, for $47,88 per year, $71,76.


Traditionally, for platform specific versions of their service, Avast has charged different costs. These seem to be stopped, which is excellent for customers. Although here and there was a good opportunity to shave off a dollar or two, the prior structure had been too complex to work.


- Score:6.2/10

1.      Privacy & Logging Policy: 6.6/10

2.       Encryption & Security:7.6/10

3.       Speed & Reliability: 8.0/10

4.       Streaming & Torrenting:5.6/10

5.       Bypassing Censorship: 7.6/10

6.       Ease of Use: 7.2/10

7.       Customer Support: 5.8/10

8.       Price & Value for Money: 4.7/10


- Avast SecureLine VPN Pros & Cons


Good speed test results

Good distribution of server locations

Transparent privacy policies

Allows 5+ Simultaneous Connections

Free Version

Server Locations in 35 Countries


  • Privacy practices could be improved

  • Inflexible pricing

  • Few server locations

  • No additional privacy tools

  • Hasn’t undergone publicly released audits

  • Doesn't have Blocks Ads

- More Information about Avast SecureLine VPN:

  • Why is Avast SecureLine VPN a good choice?

    Using Avast SecureLine VPN customers can avoid content fast and enjoy their favorite paid streaming service from anywhere. Customers can access the content they want no matter where they are. Whether customers hop on the couch and put their feet up, they can stream their favorite content directly to their Android smart TV or more smart devices, privately and securely. And there are no broadband restrictions to this process.
  • What is the speed of Avast SecureLine VPN?

    Avast SecureLine VPN believes that an Internet connection that doesn't load even when it's secure doesn't make sense when it's private. As a result, the store is constantly improving the speed and performance of its servers so that customers can always enjoy the online experience they expect. Customers can enjoy speeds of up to two seasons per second and can connect up to ten devices without any broadband restrictions. Customers can browse content, play games or download large files.
  • Which countries can use Avast SecureLine VPN?

    Avast SecureLine VPN provides services to many countries and regions, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Austria and other European countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Israel and other countries. Asian regions and countries include China Taiwan, China, Japan and Russia. It can ue on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. In this store, customers can enjoy a comprehensive service.
  • Does Avast SecureLine VPN offer a refund guarantee?

    If the customer chooses a one-year service, the customer can receive 15 RMB per month. If the customer chooses the two-year service, the customer can enjoy the service for only 12.42 RMB per month. If the customer chooses a three-year service, the monthly cost for the customer is only 12.44 RMB. Avast SecureLine VPN will offer customers a free seven-day trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The store believes in the true feelings of customers after use.